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Product Recommendation

SIEL Australasia is able to provide  assistance regarding the correct choice of product from our standard range or custom designed products. SIEL Australasia can advise the correct procedure in sizing a solution and recommendations with installation, to best meet with your needs and budget. We can site survey your building to offer you a choice of UPS or power system options to suite your budget, to find the most cost effective  power protection system.

UPS & Generator Servicing

The day-to-day reliability of standby power systems is largely associated with the frequency with which they are serviced. Now, as increased incidence of unplanned power outages plague Australian power users, the quality of maintenance programs has come into focus.

A SIEL Australasia quality maintenance program will help standby power systems work at optimum efficiency, giving them the ability to cope with every emergency. Service checks and maintenance are undertaken from both operational and safety perspectives by qualified technical personnel and specialist SIEL Australasia authorised subcontractors.

UPS Battery Replacement

SIEL Australasia are specialists in battery replacements on all UPS from small single phase to large 3 phase units. 

UPS battery replacement should be a planned cost within any ongoing maintenance budget. SIEL Australasia can install replacement batteries for most UPS systems. We can also build expansion or run-time capacity reduction into most battery set replacements to further improve your system’s resilience.

Our purchasing power allows us to provide very cost-effective batteries, on a brand-for-brand, like-for-like basis. We can supply the individual blocks only or the complete service including installation, removal, disposal and recycling to the relevant standards, guidelines and regulations.

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