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Energy Storage Systems

The SIEL Australasia Pty Ltd hybrid solution enables access to an uninterrupted, cheaper and environmentally-friendly energy source. The use of diesel generators is reduced thanks to the integration of a photovoltaic plant and battery banks in the electrical installation. The Energy Storage System adapts to the existing gensets and limits their operation at reduced power.

Two different configurations are available to suit various situations:

BID Module Based Configuration

BID Module Based Configuration

  • Improvement of output  quality

  • Power Factor correction

  • Harmonic content reduction

  • Grid back-up

  • Peak levelling and load shaving

  • Harmonic content reduction

  • Power Supply in case of grid failure

  • Harmonic Compensation

  • Manages the number of gensets to be switched off

UPS Module Based Configuration

UPS Module Based Configuration

  • Batteries charged either by the grid or the renewable source

  • Batteries used in case of grid failure, or  to save fuel

  • Charging batteries when load is low allows for fuel saving

  • Uninterrupted power supply

  • Unbalanced phase correction

  • Off grid mode

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