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Diesel Generators

We know how important reliable power sources are at SIEL Australasia Pty Ltd. This is why we offer Perkins powered generators to suit almost any type of requirement. Generators using Perkins engines are renowned for their reliability – we have a very comprehensive collection of diesel powered generators for prime or standby power.  Contact us and we can supply a Perkins powered diesel generator solution for most applications, with models ranging from 10kVA to 2250kVA.   


Purpose Built Perkins Generators        

SIEL Australasia is committed to offering our customers the most advanced generators using purpose built engines from the Perkins brand. This world leading designer and manufacturer of diesel engines provides power for a variety of applications; we supply a host of industries with these dependable power generators in Australasia.

Whatever the purpose, if you want peace of mind from standby gensets, choose a Perkins diesel powered generator. We can provide everything you need here at SIEL Australasia and recommend the Perkins brand for all of the following reasons:  

  • Robust & Reliable

  • Efficient & Economical

  • Huge Choice of Engines

  • Impressive Cold-Start Function

  • Minimal Operating Costs

  • Cost effective solution 


For the perfect Perkins powered emergency power generator contact us

Here at SIEL Australasia, we provide an extensive range of Perkins powered emergency generators to support most working environments.  All of these generators use original engines and genuine parts to deliver unbeatable performance.  

Standby Diesel Generators
10KVA - 100KVA

Single Phase

Standby Diesel Generators
10KVA - 2250KVA

Three Phase

Generator (ATS) Automatic Transfer Switch
63Amps - 1600Amps

Single & Three Phase

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